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Social Stories gives you curated Instagram Stories - Storyboards that guide you in telling your unique story TO grow your business.

Instagram is the most popular, most effective social media platform for businesses big & small, brands, & influencers. And when it comes to Instagram, Instagram Stories is hands down the most effective way to attract more followers, increase engagement, and generate more business!

But let’s face it, if you are a small business, have a side hustle, own your own brand, or are an influencer, “ain’t nobody got time for all that!” Yes, Instagram Stories is crucial but, creating the daily content behind the message can take the better part of a day!

How can you cut down the content creation process?

Social Stories

How can you ensure that your story has a vision, purpose, is engaging, and drives people to your business?

Social Stories!

Social Stories is a modern day, customizable, social savvy service that guides you in creating stories that generate More Followers, More Engagement, and More Business.

Each day you will receive an email with a curated Social Stories Storyboard giving you A step-by-step guide that is completely customizable for your unique business and personality.

No two businesses are identical, and no to IG feeds are identical. Social Stories gives you the framework to fill in the unique features that make up YOU!


Without Social Stories, your stories fall flat in message, style, and personality. FACT.

Let your stories come to life with Social Stories!

Your SOCIAL STORIES Membership gives YOU:

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  • Daily Storyboards delivered to your inbox | plus surprises

  • Monthly Trainings | on the IG Sales Journey to help you navigate and get the most out of your social media. The trainings ALONE are worth the monthly membership!

  • Easy access Membership Site | with storyboards, IG tips & tricks, social media, and additional business training

  • 10 Evergreen Storyboards | on demand storyboards for special occasions

  • Monthly IG Newsletter | featuring the newest tips & tricks

  • Monthly IG Stories Templates | themed for the month

  • Private Social Stories Members only facebook Group | with weekly trainings, tips & engagement

  • Personal IG Story Critiques | when requested


  • Instagram Sales Journey Bundle

    • Lead Generator Workshop

    • Emails the Sell Workshop

  • Target Market Drill Down

  • IG-TV Master Class

  • IG Personal Review (Annual only)

  • Kickstart Instagram Course (Annual only)

    NEW BONUS: Beauty Videos that Sell Live Masterclass

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    Annual membership also gets 2 30-minute one-on-one sessions to perfect your IG, videos and/or any element of your Sales Journey!

Social Stories Annual Membership
240.00 every 12 months 299.00 every 12 months
Social Stories Monthly Member
21.97 every month 24.97 every month

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Does the lingo above Sound like a foreign language?

It’s okay! It just means that Instagram (IG) is new territory for you. By becoming a member of Social Stories, you will receive on-demand training that will explain all of the lingo to you!


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