048 REBOOTING YOUR CONTENT - I'm getting on the Bandwagon

After watching yet another announcement about a rebooted item from childhood (Good Burger is opening…can you name the Nickelodeon show?) I threw my hands up and cried “uncle.”

If I can’t beat them, then I may as well join them.

Fact! A a content creator, I create a lot of content that I post once and only once!

Do you do the same thing?

Y’all we are spending our time, brain power and resources to only use things once!

Think of it this way, Golden Girls ended in 1992 and can be watched on multiple times a day on multiple channels. One episode has been repurposed time and time again.

So why not your content?

In this episode I’m showing you ways to repurpose your content and allow more of your message, product and/or service to be heard.

This episode is brought to you by Megan Sumrell’s Master Your Morning 5-Day Challenge:


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