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Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were little?

Once upon a time this little girl wanted to be a lawyer. 

It was my dream for decades. And then one day, the mission was accomplished! But there was just one problem. 

As I was practicing law, I realized I wasn’t passionate about it. The thought of doing it for the rest of my life didn’t bring me the joy I thought it would.

One evening as I was working in my office in the tallest building in Austin, I looked down through my glass office to see people below me loving their lives and living their passion (there was a motorcycle rally that brought riders from all over the country to Austin for the weekend.) I had an epiphany, they are so passionate about what they are doing, and I AM NOT. So I got down on my knees right there and when I got up, I knew that I needed to be doing something else within 3 months. 

That was my awakening moment. My tipping point. The beginning. The decision to live my life for passion and purpose rather than a guaranteed paycheck…To choose destiny over easy. 

Where did that decision take me next? 

Find out in this episode. But most importantly,

Are you living your passion or are you suffocating in your version of a glass office (it could be your home or your cube) wondering where you lost yourself? 

Are you wondering how to know for certain if you are living your passion?



  • How to assess whether you are living your passion

  • Next steps

  • The truth! What happens after you realize you aren’t living your passion!

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