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So you are on social media. You have the followers. people are engaging with your posts…now what?

The next step is the most crucial of them all!

Whether you are a solo-prenuer, direct sales consultant, have a service business, or sell your own content, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and the like will only go so far. You can have the most followers ever, but if you aren’t able to take it offline, then you are off target.

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Do you have an email List?

Your mailing list is your lifeline, your money, your bread, your cheddah.

And yet, most of you answered “no, kind of, well what do you mean by an email list?” I see you…

Those of you who said yes…is your mailing list made up by 80% or more of your current clients?


It’s not taught in direct sales programs or in business school (I know, I’ve graduated from both), and yet, if you talk to the entrepreneurs who are soaring, they


And I’m not talking about contacting all of your friends on Facebook Messenger. That is not YOUR list. Do you know how I know? Because the 4 times FB crashed in 2019, you suddenly had no list, no way of communicating with YOUR people. That list is Facebook’s and you are just borrowing it. #TruthBomb

SO how do you make your OWN list?

You need a lead generator aka lead gen

Actually you need multiple Lead Gens, but let’s just start with one, shall we. Better yet, let’s start with how to make a Lead Gen so you can create Lead Gens until the cows come home, to attract your ideal client.

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Social Stories: Lead Generator Workshop

Join me for the Social Stories: Lead Generator Workshop. I will show you how to create a Lead Gen to transition your Social Media market off of the Gram and onto your email list. In this workshop you will learn how to get your warm market onto your email list, so that you can 'drip' on them from time to time and connect with them OFF of social media.

Your Email is your past, present and future money. But if your aren't adding to it, then your business won't grow.

- RoxTalks

The LeAd GEn workshop includes:

  • What is a Lead Gen?

  • RoxTalks Formula for creating an effective Lead Gen

  • Template and Lead Gen creation tools

  • Creating a Led Gen landing page

  • Going Live with your Lead Gen

  • Capturing Emails

  • Next Steps...

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This is a workshop, meaning you will not only be listening, you will be doing! Join me for the workshop that will grow your business and give you a competitive edge!

secure your spot now!

Workshop will be held live multiple times between July 11-14 and is also available On-Demand. Participants will receive a workbook, templates and more.

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