I have to admit I’m loving all of the graduation and last day of school celebrations that have pretty much made it around the country and back this month. (Picture of you with a gif graduation cap)
One of the things I love is the advice shared with graduating classes. (picture of you graduating or your child graduating. Feel free to put a date on the picture, so it’s almost like showing pictures of a year book underneath your message.)
The best piece of advice I got when I graduated was _________ (show another graduation or throwback picture of you and/or your fam)
You can repeat this if there are a few pieces of advice you’d like to share.
4. What was the best piece of advice you received when you graduated? (use the question option)
5. (If you have more pictures, feel free to show them and say, something like, while you think of your answer, here are some more Throwbacks.)

The more throwback pictures the better. Go for the grainiest, funniest, OMG pictures of you through the years.
— 6.13.19

1) I was recently challenged to participate in the Reason 4 Freezin Challenge!

1a) (You can add some facts if you like)— The purpose is to raise awareness for Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer of which there is not cure. Every 50 seconds, worldwide, a woman or man dies from breast cancer.

2. We are putting a freeze to MBC. So here goes. I’m going to eat ____ hands free...and hope to avoid a brain freeze. (let your raw reaction come through. Tag the brand of the ice cream! And hashtag #icecream or whatever you are eating)
(Add Poll: do you get brain freezes?)

3. My reason for freezin’ is (Optional statement).

4. I challenge _____, ______, _____, and ______ (tag them in the video) to do the challenge.

5. If you’d like to donate or would like more info, click on the tag (and point to where you will put it). (Tag @Reason4FreezinMBC and hashtag #Reason4FreezinMBC )
— 6.15.19


Hi, I’m ____ (what he is to you, husband, father, uncle, etc etc).
In celebration of Father’s Day, I’m taking over ____’s story today! (This can be a picture...does not have to be video.)
2. Today started out with ______

Tell the story by highlighting the activities of the day. Incorporate the bells and whistles (ie. quiz would be a good feature...poll, or question)

Incorporate the events of the day with personality.
Dad jokes are totally appropriate!
When your story is done, be sure to thank the Father and use the poll feature to have people chime in on how great it was!

Have fun with this! Your followers will love it.
— 6.16.19


The most common question I get about _______ (product or service) is _______ (craft the objection as a questions). (Image of the product or service or of you with it...not a selfie but more an action shot)
Have you been curious about this too? (Poll option: Yes, were you reading my mind? | The thought had crossed my mind)
I love it when I get asked this question because I would want to know the answer too/I wondered that/was concerned about that too. (Good question! Use the Feel Felt Found method.)
Here’s the Real Real/the truth/the skinny: (Image of you getting serious, ie. looking down the crown of your glasses..that kind of feel)
EXAMPLE if the objection is Price: When you break down the price, it comes to less than x a day/ It’s comparable to __ but you don’t get the customer service from me ;-)
I love real talk about my business what questions have you been curious about? (Use the question option)
— 6.17.19