Crown Goose USA -- The Bedding is Just Right!


When I was in jr. high, I was win the musical Once Upon A Mattress. It’s a musical based on the Princess & the Pea. Being the music lover that I am, I still remember the every song from the musical. So when we started looking for new bedding, the songs were rolling in. Bedding can be overwhelming…you want to get the right one. It’s not just about the look, but it’s about your sleep! It has to feel right.

Right place, right time, in walks Crown Goose USA. Have you heard of them?

They are out of the UK and expanding widely in the US. I know I said the feel matters, and it does, but what drew me to Crown Goose originally was the look — sleek, sharp & classic…not too feminine or to masculine, but just right. Having sold bedding on international television I learned and understand the nuances that matter. So I had to dig a little deeper.

When you dig, you learn that Crown Goose is all about you achieving a “deep sleep” with quality fabrics and precision in design. Without getting took technical, I went for it!


Shipped to my door, the Duvet Cover Set De Rang Collection in navy arrived and I must admit I was a little nervous—would it live up to what I thought I saw online.

It did! I love the feel and subtle sheen of the duvet. The look makes me so happy! The fact that the cotton feels so good AND that it is machine washable…Total Win.

The navy color goes so well with my room and the color is strong and calming all at the same time.

The one thing drawback I’d put out there is pillow cases are standard size. I upgraded all my pillow to king size (it happens over time), so I had to get some new ones. The website says the dimensions of the pillow cases but not the “size” name label, so I missed that. Just be aware. And if you don’t know your pillow size, it’s probably standard and you are fine.

The official test however is the Baylor test. She is PICKY about what she lays and sits on. Not even kidding. So when Baylor sat on the Crown Goose Duvet and then laid down and then ran around, I knew she was happy. Her naps and slumbers are so much longer now and she love being on top of and burrowing under it. It’s so funny y’all.

crown goose usa

Want to get your own Crown Goose? Go to Crown Goose USA.

You’ll love it! And yes, I’m still singing Once Upon A Mattress songs in my head.