Three Ways to Reboot Yourself Weekly!

3 Ways to Reboot Yourself

What’s a main cause of injury when working out?

Not taking the time to stretch! 

Whether it’s dynamic stretching before, stretching out after, or foam rolling weekly, we do need to treat our physical bodies right.

And that seems logical right? 

So naturally the same recovery principles apply to our biggest muscle of them all, our brain!


So naturally the same recovery principles apply to our biggest muscle of them all, our brain!

Foam Rolling to Stretch out the muscles

Working hard on your passion project, job, priorities, family, goals and dreams is just like doing an intense workout at the gym. Do you take time to Stretch out, Reboot, Rejuvenate your mind?

I know what you’re thinking, Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What’s the alternative? Injury - heart attack, stress, high blood pressure etc etc etc. It’s worth making time for it.

But what does your recovery look like? Are you giving yourself a good mental foam rolling? 

Here are 3 ways to Reboot (Stretch Out, Foam Roll, Rejuvenate) yourself on a WEEKLY basis. Yes, I said weekly. :-)

1) Take a Sabbath - Day off

Yes, I’m starting with the most extreme. Why? Because it’s stood the test of time for a reason. Our mind needs a day of rest. It really does. But if you aren’t a 9-5er, this really does seem impossible.

I’ll be the first to admit how hard this can be in 2019 to fit into your week, however the benefits are worth at least trying.

  • Start small by taking 2-3 hours off, and then work up to a full day.

  • Don’t get hung up on the day! It doesn’t have to be on the weekend. If you are in the event space like I am or have a job where weekends are critical…then choose another day. Tuesday 1-4 is your Sabbath meaning No phone calls, emails, text that make you go into work mode. Put the Do Not Disturb mode on, unplug and RELAX.

2) There’s an app for that!

If you can’t seem to fit it in to your calendar or schedule, fret not technology can help with that. Fortunately there are now apps to remind you to do things like Breathe on your Apple Watch that literally reminds you to take a pause and breathe deeply throughout the day. Calm is another app that comes with relaxing mediations of varying lengths, and Sleep Stories to help you sleep (Check out the Matthew McConaughey bedtime story. ;- ) You are welcome. ) that help you to do exactly that.

3) Journal

Taking a moment each day to write down your thoughts, even if it’s 3-words or 3 bullet points, will help you in a few key ways.

  • First, it’s a brain dump. Part of rebooting it emptying out the drive. When you write it down, you are giving your mind room for more and to process what’s already in there.

  • Secondly, it’s cathartic to write do a few things that made you laugh, something that made you cry, or even your thoughts of gratitude. It’s all so good for the mind and soul.

  • And finally it’s a great place to come back to when you need a reminder of your journey and growth.

Note, while doing #2 & #3 on the daily is ideal, start by doing it once a week. Just like a sedentary person can’t run a marathon on the first day, if you haven’t been rebooting, it is something worth easing into.

I want your input, what do you do to reboot?  Comment below!