I took the Activated Charcoal Plunge!

The Mayor’s Table @ Lido House

The Mayor’s Table @ Lido House

Moscow Mule with a Charcoal twist!

Moscow Mule with a Charcoal twist!


Venue: The Mayor’s Table at Lido House.


Have you ever tried anything with Activated Charcoal? Toothpaste perhaps? While I’ve seen the Instagram pictures, I haven’t not dabbled until now…

No, I didn’t rub it on my face or on my teeth. Instead I dove into Activated Charcoal in the form of an alcoholic drink.

It was a play on the Moscow Mule featuring Black Sky Beluga Vodka, lime juice, ginger and black charcoal foam (lemon, egg whites, simple syrup & activated charcoal).

I got it for the Mule and figured that the “health benefits” might be worth it. I was also intrigued to know what this drink was going to taste like.


So… what does charcoal taste like?

Absolutely nothing! All I tasted was vodka and ginger.

And what are the health benefits?

Of this drink in particular, the claimed that Activated Charcoal cleans out your intestinal track. It’s unclear what good that does while I’m actively putting vodka in my system, but maybe it makes it all null? I don’t know.

Have you tried Activated Charcoal? How did you try it and what did you think?