Flat Tummy Water? Yes please!

alkaline water

My trouble spot is my tummy-it expands the moment I eat or drink…

And as I lose weight it’s also the LAST thing to go down. Now that I am officially on the #RoxRoadto40/swimsuit ready season, I back in swimsuit mode, the tummy is of major concern.

That’s why I am loving this water recipe that my trainer gave me for Flat Tummy Water, it’s a natural diet water or skinny water.

It not only helps me get hydrated but it is detoxing and it makes me feel full (not bloated).

It’s been 5 days and I already can can feel the benefits. My skin is more hydrated, and I my stomach looks more forgiving! It also is tasty, which is a bonus!

flat tummy water

For the ingredients, I only use alkaline water. If you want the skinny (pun intended) on an at-home alkaline system, comment or message me! You can substitute with just filtered water, but by all means don’t use tap water!

Have you tried Flat Tummy Water or any diet water? What did you think? Comment below…