What do you want your Next 10 Years to Look Like?

Last night I put on my big girl pants and drove myself to LA. 

If you know me, you know I hate to drive and I hate traffic.

You also know that this social butterfly turned into a caterpillar when she moved to California a year and some change ago.  I'm slowly getting over it and getting back to me.

So what would compel me to do two things that I've been avoiding as of late?

Well Rodan+Fields of course. And not just any R+F gathering, but our birthday party.

Rodan+Fields is celebrating it's 10th anniversary around the country, and LA happened to be the closest shindig to me.

Before you shrug and say, no big deal, realize that I have signed up to attend other events in Orange County and found a reason to miss them.

Sometimes when your mojo is lost, you just can't. 

But working toward the goal of Cancun, being in Cancun with R+F, and remembering who I was as well has how amazing the company is, made me drive my tush to LA.

I left a little before 2pm...I didn't want to deal with traffic. Made it to LA LIVE by 2:39pm...the event started at 6pm LOL

That turned out to be a blessing in disguise...as I parked, I met 3 other people from Irvine. (Apparently I'm not the only one worried about traffic). They started as strangers and ended up as friends (at least on Facebook and I'm sure beyond).


3 turned into 8 which turned into 15 and next thing I knew, I was reminded of another reason I love Rodan+Fields. Even though the core of my business partners happens o be in Texas, the crew I'd just met felt familiar.

What does the Rodan+Fields consultant look like?

Well like the United Colors of Benetton. We are diverse and different on the outside. On the inside we are women (mostly) who have a desire to be, do and create more for our ourselves and those we love.

We are life-time learners, entrepreneurs, thrill-seekers, world-changers.

We were all looking for something more when we started. It may not have been skincare, frankly for most it skincare was the vehicle. It may have been "me time," the desire to feel like ourselves again, friendship, training, etc.

And we found all of that and so much more. 

And as a result, as I stood there with Consultants who started 6 months ago - 8 years ago, I felt at home.

The event?

Why it was top notch...Only the best from Rodan+Fields. We are the #1 Skincare Company in North America after all. Strip away the champagne, the desserts, the celebration...the meat of the event is what I am still celebrating silently today.

And while I won't tell you everything right now, what I will tell you is I was moved with emotion to see what this company is doing, where we are going and how we are changing the world for good.

I'm not sure how she did it, but Romi Neustadt, lawyer, author,  (you can see why she speaks my language), non-bs zone, top leader of Rodan+Fields made me cry.  A leader  who has inspired and trained me, who I've watched and listened to for over two years...


I just saw her in Cancun...a yet suddenly she made me cry!!??!!

There was something about last night and what she said, that brought me to tears.

What was it she said?

"I want you to get very clear about what you want your next 10 years to look like. That's the story I want you to work towards. And if that story is big enough and real enough and close enough to your heart. Every time you need to take action and you are scared to do it...you are going say F fear and you are going to do it anyway! "


As I drove home (49 minutes, no traffic ;-) ) I got very clear on what I want my next 10 years to look like. I got clear on the opportunity that Rodan+Fields is continuing to afford me and so many others.  I'm ready to say F-Fear and do it anyway. 

Want to join me? Want to make your next 10 years have meaning beyond your wildest dreams?

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