Beach Vacation Must-Haves

With Cancun staring at me, there's much to do.

Thanks to my trainer, exercise and diet, the body was set, but it takes more than that to feel and look fabulous on a beach vacation. 

How do you dot all Is and cross all Ts for a trip of great proportions?


Go to the experts! 

Nordstrom personal stylist

Rodan+Fields gifted me a $1000 shopping spree to Nordstrom! Not bad 'eh?

I decided that while I needed clothes for Cancun, I also needed clothes in general! Nothing fit me anymore.  

What I love about Nordstrom's personal stylists is they listen to your needs and the whole experience makes you feel special. Whether you are uneasy about your weight, or uncomfortable shopping, they make sure that the experience is warm and inviting.

Rodan+Fields seriously couldn't have found me a better personal stylist! Ann was so fantastic that I recommend her to everyone I know now! She is THAT good. She was sure to find me the things I said I white jeans, and she also brought me things that instantly fell in love with. But what I loved most of all is she didn't only bring things with that predictable high department store price tag. I don't now how she pulled it off, some thing that I LOVED were $40-$50.  

By the way, once you walk into your customized dressing room decked out with a complete wardrobe to your specifications and drinks as well, you never leave until you are done.  No joke! Ann brought everything to me, any changes, add ons, etc., she took care of. 


This is the wardrobe I ended up with...practical, on trend, cute and versatile.  


Second stop - think outside of the box.  

While I love everything I got from Nordy's a trip to Merrilee's was in order.  Merrilee's has been making swimwear since the 70s in the back of their boutique off of the PCH.  There swimsuits are top quality and their trends are sexy and fun.  

While I'd only been there once prior, I knew if I was heading for a beach anywhere in the world, that was the place to stop.  Two trips later, I'd found the perfect swim wear, coverups AND beach inspired outfits that I work for welcome and farewell parties!!



I love the suits, the clothes, all of it!


I also knew that the likelihood of seeing my swimsuit on everyone else was slim, slim, slim.  


Third stop - phone a friend!

No one knows makeup trends better than my girl Tonia Ranco.  So when it came to taking my makeup look up a level - beach style, I knew she was the one I needed to connect with.

Her must haves for a beach trip:

Body Lava.jpg

Body Lava 

And finally the Essentials

For Nails, Hair and Waxing, watch below.

Kenneth Cole Luggage.jpg

Fourth Stop - Express Yourself!

I may have snagged a new suitcase for the occasion. It's important to make sure you have something to carry it all in. Rose Gold is my everything! 


Bottom line when traveling make sure you that you are ready to go from head to toe. Have fun with it! Seek the experts, Go off the beaten path, Phone a friend, and Express Yourself!

Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list?