What's so Important about a Dining Room Table?



It's the act of sitting down with your loved one, breaking bread, & having a face-to- face conversation... 

Had you asked me that exact question two months ago, I wouldn't have an answer. In this day and age, a dining Room table is optional not required. 

In Austin we ate on the kitchen island, side-by-side, dining room table not required. Yet ever since we moved to Orange County, the conversation of a dining room table was present. Our home had more space that was asking to be filled with a table. Scott was excited about it, and I thought it may be a great place to lay out my work as well.  In the beginning we went shopping for one, looked online, and even inspired our neighbors to get one. But we never did take the dining room table plunge. Instead we ate at the bar attached to our peninsula-styled kitchen. 

At the end of last year, we excitedly and unexpectedly we moved (still in Orange County)! Our added space gives me a home office, :-) but there isn't an obvious open area for a dining table. While we initially thought that a dining room table might take up too much space, eating at our new island bar eating seemed clunky for many reason. 

And so it was time for a PROJECT! I went searching for a smaller dining room table, or a bistro table. It's like goldilocks, not too big, not to small, JUST RIGHT.  

I guess when it's right, it's right. Our bistro table quest was fast. But the shipping...not so much. Hear me out, we had to wait 4-5 days for it to arrive. In the age of Amazon, that is an eternity.  I'm joking, kind of. See it was in the waiting of those 4ish days that I realized how important the dang dining table was.  It wasn't like those moments when you order something and forget about it. I was 100% dialed in to this table's arrival.  I was more patient about my desk and our other furniture pieces than this table.

As I became increasingly agitated, (believe it or not, tracking your package does not make it arrive faster) I took a pause and reflected.

It's a piece of furniture, Roxanne! What's the dang deal??

It's when I asked myself exactly that, that I realized the importance of a dining room table. It's not about the table. It's the act of sitting down with your loved one, breaking bread, and having a face-to-face conversation in the comfort of your own home. Except for trips home and the single-girl dinner guest at her coupled friend's house, I haven't had a dining room table experience for over two decades! 

While I appreciate the concept of a kitchen bar, it really isn't the same. And sitting on the couch and eating while watching TV isn't equivalent either (need I explain?).

I wanted that quality time, quality experience that only a dining room table can give.

When the table did arrive it was Friday night. Scott suggested that we put it together later, but I couldn't wait. My sense of urgency had hit new heights. I'd the last few days picking out chairs, which were already in place (we need cushion...bistro chairs are cute but not comfortable). I WAS READY!! And assemble the table, I did.

The next morning Scott and I sat down and had breakfast together. It was the moment of truth. Would the Dining Room Table live up to the hype? 

Y'all it SOOO lived up to the hype and more. It was the missing piece...not for the material thing, but for the meaningful moments.

Where do you and your family eat meals?