Plumber's Crack

The other day, I was working and totally in the zone! With my goal of earning the R+F trip to Cancun completely on my mind, I was talking about the R+F business opportunity and placing orders, and all of a sudden I was in rush mode to make it to the gym for my cardio dance class. I threw on my clothes and ran out the door. The day was also special because I was going to do a weigh in while I was at the gym--I could tell I'd lost weight, and I wanted to see what the scale said.

As I was en route to the gym, I couldn't help but notice that my Wunder Unders were falling down. Now I know I lost weight, and I thought that was the cause of my pants feeling a little different by the knees...but simply walking shouldn't cause me to have severe plumbers crack. I couldn't even walk 3 steps without them sliding. What on earth was going on?

As I pulled up my exercise pants, something told me to investigate. I felt around the waist band for that little know, the one that is supposed to hold keys in theory, but realistically it couldn't hold more than a quarter for a payphone (which don't even exist anymore except at amusement parks, btw). Lo and behold, the pocket was on my backside!

That's right! I was wearing my Wunder Unders backwards! That was a first. I can now report, first-hand, that Lulu does cut their yoga pants bigger in the back and smaller in the front. :-) (mullet style)

Needless to say, I had to make a detour to the locker room and reverse my pants. Can you imagine the scandal if I tried to dance with them backwards? One twerk in the warm up (yes we twerk girl) and the class would have gone from PG to X-Rated!

Good news though! I am down 2.6 more pounds!