Come as You Are

It's funny. After over 30 years of knowing God's grace and love, I still can miss the point.

Do you remember those shorts I mentioned earlier? Well I wore them to church with flip flops! WHAT!

So not intentional. And while my "Sunday's Best' has loosened up through the years, this takes the Cake!


I was up early touring wedding venues with one of my couples, dressed in a dress. When I got back home, the plan was Costco and fill Max (my car) with oil. Typical weekend errands, typically conducted in athleisurewear or shorts. And since mine were fitting, shorts won. Scott joined me and as we were having lunch and about to head to Costco...I realized that because of some things plans later, we weren't going to make it to church.

As I finished crunching on a chip, I said.."well, if we leave now, we could make it to the early service." Scott said, "we won't be able to do Costco." And I replied, "that's okay. I can do it tomorrow." Next thing I knew, he agreed and we were on our way to church!

What would my mom say?

I thought to myself, what will people think...and then I remembered all the examples of acceptance in love in the New Testament and decided if we were judged, I should just focus on the fact that Jesus would accept me. (Dramatic much? A little.)

Wouldn't  you know that when we walked into church, we were asked if we would be willing to help with communion??!!

Did they not see what I was wearing?

I blurted out, "But I'm in shorts and flip flops!!!" As if the volunteer coordinator hadn't seen the Scarlet Letter I was wearing. He kept right on giving us details. So, I said it again, "BUT I'M WEARING SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS!!!!!!"

He looked unphased and simply replied with a shoulder shrug, "It's Saddleback! We are casual here."

Well he showed me. I told him to shun and judge me. And he told me that we all have Scarlet Letters here and that's okay.

Mic Drop...