Active Hydration Serum

Dryness has always been something I have battled all my life.  No matter how much lotion, cream or oil I put on my skin (face & body), the dry skin crept back. If I looked closely I could see the cracks.  Yes I drink water. No probably not enough. But even at my best, my skin isn't hydrated. Dry, ashy, dehydrated skin isn't cute. In fact it looks like a old and unhealthy. After a workout or right before bed, I could feel the dryness on my cheeks.  What does that feel like? It feels like your skin is pulling. No Bueno!

As a Rodan+Fields consultant, we get the opportunity to try products before they are released. Of all the skincare products ever, this was the one I cared most about. 

You see Rodan+Fields had created a: 3D3P Molecular Matrix that instantly hydrates skin to an optimal moisture equilibrium and maintains it over time. Flooded with 30% Glycerin and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, the 3D3P Molecular Matrix draws moisture from the atmosphere, forming a water reservoir on the skin’s surface, allowing it to take in hydration as needed throughout the day. 

Sound a lot like the flex-capacitor to me. CONFUSING! 

But to translate: smoother, softer, more radiant, younger-looking, healthier-looking, hydrated skin! With results within 3 days!! Allure, Elle, Dr. Oz all raving about it, already! 

But would it work for me? And by the way I have an oily T-Zone on top of the dry patches. 

I know it's hard to see results in pictures of black skin, so I put arrows to show you my dry patches and ashy skin. (PS. My lashes, all real no mascara :-) )

Not only has it worked for me, the dryness is long gone! It's awesome.

The dry patches, ashy skin and feeling of tight, pulling skin are gone! And yes the glow have arrived. I've also received all sorts of compliments out of no where! Not only did it take care of my dry patches, but because Active Hydration Serum self-adjusts for my skin's needs, it evened out the hydration all over my skin. PS. Oiliness and hydration are different aka it doesn't cause any oiliness!

Now if only I could get a bottle large enough to bathe in!!

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Elle AHS