Cooking Feeds The Soul

The four words above are something I never thought I would say. Rox cooking was the family joke. But over the past two years, cooking has become a mini-creative session for me. Starting with ingredients that individually mean very little but together equal a culinary masterpiece is exhilarating! And while some like flipping through cookbooks, I must confess that the Meal-in-a-box concept is officially my favorite.

Marley Spoon has been my main squeeze since the Fall. (Although I did try Hello Fresh last week and enjoyed that as well). After a long day at work, I don't want to figure out what to make. If I do, it will be one of 3 things, Taco Tuesday (every night!), Ravioli (from Costco), or well...Cheese Crisps (with avocado). "Aint' Nobody Have time for that!" And by "that," I mean planning what to make 7 days a week, and shopping for it etc. etc. 

While I do feel like I am cheating a little when the pizza dough is waiting for me, the truth is I LOVE the fact I can make my meal in 40 minutes or less and savor it's splendid tastes all night. 

When I moved to the OC or as they say in the OC, when I move to OC (the "the" is silent), a bad-a** kitchen was on top of my list! Not for storage, but for cooking. What I got was a gas stove for the first time...I could spend an entire day discussing the differences of my new found love, the gas stove, and a kitchen ripe for cooking. 

I waited 7 weeks to start back my Meal-in-a-box deliveries. My how I missed it. There is a release and a sense of pride when a meal is complete. I care not about how it looks, but rather how it tastes. And boy it tastes sooo good. 

Have you tried the Meal-in-a-box deliveries? What do you like about them? Which do you use?