One of the biggest adjustments I've experienced moving from Austin to Orange County is the disappearance of my favorite dish--Queso. Whereas Queso is a staple on the appetizer section of most restaurants in Texas (even the ones that aren't Mexican or TexMex. Some of the best queso an be found at BBQ restaurants), in Orange County when I say the word "Queso," they look at me like I said a curse word.

I'll admit at first I wasn't sure what to do. But now, I have decided that I am on a one-woman mission to spread the love of queso around Orange County. First stop...Super Bowl party. 

And boy oh boy, was it a hit. People kept asking, "Who brought the Chili Cheese Dip?"

That was a perfect opportunity for me to share the name of said dip, QUESO and talk about it's goodness.

Cali will learn of the goodness of queso one party at a time!


My Super Bowl Queso Recipe: (As taught to me by my Baylor roommate all those years ago.)
Velveeta, Ro-tel diced tomatoes and chiles, and Turkey Chili No Beans.