Storyboard: **Flash/Pop Up Sale**
1. Happy Friday! Let’s have a little fun shall we? (Picture of you with a fun expression.)
2. It just so happens that [I/my clients] have been obsessing over ______ (product/service) all week.
2b. (If you have a review, testimonial or before/after picture, use it here. The goal is to tell why the product rocks) Pretty Awesome right? (Use the Poll option and make sure both are a form of yes)
3. It makes me want to spread the love. Soooo.... (Picture of you with a canary in you mouth. Kidding but you know what I mean.)
4. State your offer. (use Gifs to zazz it up)
5. This offer is good until ____ (if it’s a date deadline, use the Countdown Clock! If there is only a certain quantity available, use one of the gif numbers.
6. Who is this perfect for? (Picture of the service or product, or someone using it.)
7. This is perfect for: ______. _____. _____.____ (use the copy and paste feature to use 2-4 images, or use gifs/stickers.
Think of who would benefit from your product. Have fun with it. For example, if it’s a bottle of wine for a mom, maybe you characterize that mother as a “mom who survived the first week of summer break.” The more descriptive you are, the more you are telling a story, and it all come to life.)
8. Do you know someone that needs this? (Use Poll options and customize them to be a form of: Yes & Me) (When someone responds, follow up with them!)

Hashtags: #PopupSale #FridayFlashSale
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